Celebrating American Lending Center’s Immigrant Investor Approval Success

Congratulations to American Lending Center’s newest I-829 approved investors! As of early 2019, Mr. Tan and his family join a multitude of EB-5 immigrant investors who have successfully completed the immigration process to America and recouped their initial EB-5 investment through ALC regional center.

The Tan family’s journey began in 2011. With guidance from ALC’s award-winning executive team, they submitted their initial I-526 immigrant investor application and invested funds into the American Reproductive Health Center/Top IVF USA (ARHC) in Hacienda Heights, California. ARHC received a total EB-5 injection of $1 million. Construction of the top-of-the-line fertility clinic was completed in 2015, effectively creating several new jobs in the Los Angeles suburban community.

By early 2019, the Tan family received confirmation of the completion of their visa application process from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They were awarded not one, but four I-829 approvals verifying each family member’s new status as permanent residents of the United States. Immediately following this exciting news, ALC scheduled a return of the Tan family’s initial EB-5 investment, as is the regional center’s custom.

Over the past decade, the regional center has achieved a 100% success rate over all of its 70+ projects across 19 states. ALC is also one of only a handful of elite regional centers across the U.S. to be granted the Regional Center I-829 Approval Award, having received I-829 approvals not only from the ARHC project, but also in ventures such as the Summerset Assisted Living in Rancho Cordova and Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Loma Linda. ALC has created countless jobs and helped numerous investors like the Tan family due to the team’s dedication to sustainable success through integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Every immigration story is unique, and every voyage may not an easy one, but protecting investors’ funds and supporting investors’ petitions is an everyday act for ALC. The team looks forward to securing additional I-829 approvals for its investors throughout the remainder of 2019.