ALC’s Third Project Receives I-829 Approval!

LONG BEACH (May 15, 2018) — Today, American Lending Center’s third project received I-829 investor approval from USCIS! Investor Yang, Yi received an I-829 approval from USCIS after being one of the first to invest in ALC’s Summerset Assisted Living project in Rancho Cordova, California.

The I-829 approval is the final step of the EB-5 visa process, confirming that the investor has completed all the steps of the EB-5 program, according to USCIS rules and regulations. Once an investor receives I-829 approval, the investor, spouse, and children under 21 may reside in the U.S. permanently.

ALC’s investors began receiving I-829 approvals early last year. Investor Meng, Chenxiang received approval in March 2017 after providing EB-5 investment to the American Reproductive Health Center in Hacienda Heights, California. Meng, Jun of the Totally Kids care facility in Loma Linda, California received approval in August 2017. The regional center also received the Regional Center I-829 Approval Club Award in 2017 and looks forward to obtaining even more I-829 approvals for its investors in the near future.