How We Help You Build Your Dream at American Lending Center

Welcome to “Build Your Dream,” the new blog for and about American Lending Center. I’ll be visiting with you a couple of times a month to talk about the people we help and the way we do it. 

First, a couple of introductory comments. I’m John Shen, CEO and Co-Founder of ALC. We are a leading private nonbank lending institution and a regional center for the EB-5 investment program. We build sustainable success through integrity, transparency, and accountability. 

As an example, I’d like to tell you the story of May Hu. I met May several years ago, when she was exploring options to immigrate to America. 

Here’s May’s story, in her own words. 

May Hu Begins Her Odyssey 

“I decided to immigrate to America when my daughter was starting kindergarten,” she says. “America has the best education, the best universities.” 

May lived in Beijing with her husband, Sam, and daughter Amber. The city’s immigration center was the best in the country, and had information about the new EB-5 program – a path to immigration and eventually a green card. 

“I ran into John Shen,” she says. “After meeting with him for two hours, I decided to go with him, and stopped looking.” 

The EB-5 program accepts targeted investments in U.S. projects and facilitates immigration. The process took time, but in 2016, May and Amber were on their way to America. Sam Hu decided to stay in China to care for his import-export business. 

May says the biggest challenge for Amber and her was the language barrier. But the school Amber entered (in second grade) was kind and helpful, including after-school tutoring in English. Soon, she was happily interacting with her classmates. 

“As long as I see my daughter is happy, I’m happy.” 

Family Together Again 

Sam was missing watching Amber grow, May says, and he made the move to America in 2018. He had to start over, but is doing well now. 

That is also about the time May joined ALC as a marketing expert. She offers a unique perspective as someone who has been through the process. 

“I’m able to help other EB-5 investors because I know how the process works and how it feels going through it,” May says. “As an investor myself, I’m able to share how to deal with it all. 

“Giving is the happiest part of life. It brings me joy.” 

May Hu received her physical green card on May 10. I’m so proud of what she has accomplished. 

She is building her dream. 


About American Lending Center: A Financial Times (FT) Americas’ Fastest Growing Company 

American Lending Center (ALC) is a private nonbank lending institution and nationally recognized leader in small business lending. By the end of 2022, ALC has fully financed senior loan products to 83 qualified EB-5 projects in 19 states, contributing to a combined construction and business expansion budget of over 1.2 billion dollars. ALC’s lending practice has successfully created more than 13,000 new jobs nationwide since 2009. In 2022, ALC launched its new rural construction and development fund with capital available for construction of fixed assets of all types in rural areas including manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, hospitality, specialty use, multi-use and other project types.   

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