Envision Cinemas Bar & Grille is open!

Envision Cinemas Bar & Grille opened on Feb 14, 2016. It is an art Movie Theater and full service restaurant, bar, and event space. It is the first of its kind in Cincinnati and is set to become one of the most popular spots in the region. The Cincinnati Refined calls Envision Cinemas the “Chosen One” of Movie Theatre. It says “this spot is THE most thought-out, deeply vetted, fully realized theatre we’ve seen in a while.”

Envision Cinemas is located at 4780 Cornell Road and includes more than 350 seats in the dining room, bar, patio and private dining room. It has an additional 500 seats across seven auditoriums, each of which features motorized recliners with in-seat dining. The menu includes more than 60 items, including made-to-order pizzas and flatbreads, appetizers, salads, wraps, burgers, entrées and desserts.

Since RCH focuses on creating indirect and induced jobs during the construction phase, the project’s total job creation is expected to exceed 122 total jobs. Envision Cinemas’ seven EB-5 investors should have nearly zero risk towards receiving a permanent green card, thanks to Envision Cinemas’ grand opening success.