American Lending Center Presented with I-829 Award by IIUSA


Regional center acknowledged for success in receiving I-829’s for their investors

American Lending Center (ALC), a leading EB-5 regional center, was once again honored with the prestigious I-829 Approval Award by key industry association Invest in the USA (IIUSA). The award recognizes ALC’s outstanding success in navigating investors through the EB-5 investment and immigration program and achieving green card status.

Since 2012, IIUSA Member Regional Centers with exceptional records of I-829 petition approvals by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have been recognized in the annual EB-5 Industry Forum. ALC first received this award in 2017, recognized for their business development leadership on a global scale. Since then, ALC has spearheaded expansion into new Asian markets, opening operations in Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong.

ALC’s predominant focus on placing EB-5 investments exclusively in the senior loan structure has created optimal capital protection for investors throughout the EB-5 process. Its rigorous construction management system led by highly successful third parties, in coordination with the senior loan operation, drives the consistent success of its investments. Consequently, ALC has successfully provided over 350 million dollars to American ventures and created over 10,000 full time jobs throughout the U.S. It has achieved a 100 percent construction success rate and fully refunded EB-5 investors who obtained permanent green cards.

ALC’s core business ethos is supporting the small businesses and grassroots entrepreneurs that power the U.S. economy through foreign investment, which has cemented them as a crucial player in the industry’s advancement.

“Integrating foreign investment into underserved communities is a uniquely impactful method of promoting economic growth throughout the U.S.,” remarked ALC Chief Executive Officer John Shen. “ALC is eager to continue advancing the EB-5 lending industry and is grateful to have received such prestigious recognition for its efforts thus far.”

About American Lending Center

American Lending Center (ALC) is a licensed finance lender and US Citizenship & Immigration Service designated regional center held by Regional Centers Holding Group. ALC offers senior loan investment opportunities to immigrant investors interested in obtaining permanent resident status in the United States through the employment-based fifth preference visa (EB-5) program. ALC has completed funding 75 EB-5 projects in 19 states to date and is committed to senior loan participation in support of growing credit worthy small-to-medium sized businesses in rural and underserved areas.