American Lending Center Expands EB-5 Opportunities in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (October 21, 2019) – American Lending Center (ALC), a leading EB-5 regional center, has strengthened its presence and increased resources in Hong Kong amid burgeoning interest in the EB-5 investment opportunities. ALC will support new investors and continue laying groundwork to establish themselves in the area as Hong Kong develops into a key Asian EB-5 market.

“We have increased our Hong Kong footprint after noticing growing demand for uniquely successful EB-5 investment opportunities,” stated John Shen, ALC’s Chief Executive Officer. “Just as we expanded our operations in Taiwan, Vietnam and India, ALC is excited to lead industry growth in the region by ensuring the EB-5 program remains a sustainable pathway of investment and immigration.”

While EB-5 interest has grown steadily in Hong Kong over the last 10 years, the number of EB-5 visas issued to Hong Kong residents increased sharply in 2019. EB5 Investors Magazine chose to host their first ever EB-5 Expo in Hong Kong on October 19th, further indicating the industry’s movement in that direction. ALC will join this conference as a Platinum sponsor and John Shen will be a panelist, discussing the “The Future of EB-5.”

ALC’s predominant focus on placing EB-5 investments exclusively in the senior loan structure has created the best capital protection for investors throughout the EB-5 process. Its rigorous construction management system led by highly successful third parties, in coordination with the senior loan operation, has driven the consistent success of its investments. As a result, ALC has successfully provided over 350 million dollars to American ventures and created over 10,000 full-time jobs throughout the US. It has achieved a 100 percent construction success rate and fully refunded the EB-5 investors who obtained permanent green cards.