American Lending Center Attends 2017 American Immigration Lawyers Association EB-5 Investors Summit as Platinum Sponsor

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ALC presented on company’s unique government backed loan programs

American Lending Center (ALC), a subsidiary of Regional Centers Holding Group (RCH), this weekend presented at the annual American Immigration Lawyers Association EB-5 Investors Summit as a platinum sponsor, highlighting the company’s innovative work in the EB-5 industry.

“The pioneering approach our company takes in handling Small Business Administration 504 loans and PACE loans is paramount to our success as an EB-5 lender, and the AILA Investors Summit provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with our peers in the industry,” stated ALC Chief Executive Officer John Shen.

The 2017 AILA EB-5 Investors Summit brings together immigration experts from across the field for in-depth panel discussions on issues and opportunities in the EB-5 market, with a focus on honing business leaders’ expertise in investor management and policy analysis.

Bruce Thompson, ALC President and former Region IX Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration, was a featured presenter as an EB-5 expert at the AILA Conference. “We are honored to have supported AILA’s Investors Summit as a platinum sponsor,” remarked Thompson. “I am both thrilled and grateful to the immigration attorneys for the chance to share our company’s advancements in the EB-5 industry and why ALC is so successful.”

ALC is a leading innovator in EB-5 lending, providing over 175 million dollars to American projects and funding over 60 Small Business Administration 504 projects as of April 2017 with their parent company RCH.

About American Lending Center

American Lending Center (ALC) is a U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service designated regional center held by Regional Centers Holding Group. ALC offers investment opportunities to immigrant investors who are interested in obtaining permanent resident status in the United States through the employment-based fifth preference visa (EB-5) program. ALC has completed funding projects in 16 states, and is committed to investment in deserving businesses anywhere, including those in rural and other underserved areas.