Sustainable success through integrity, transparency, and accountability.

American Lending Center (ALC)—formerly known as US Employment Development Lending Center (USEDLC)—was registered in California in June 2009 by CEO John Shen. In 2010, ALC was designated by USCIS as a regional center and obtained a California finance lending license. ALC then began raising EB-5 capital as a quasi-bank for investment in SBA 504 loan projects with direct participation and injection from the U.S. SBA.

ALC is the first EB-5 regional center to register Form D with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the only EB-5 regional center to hold both a California Finance Lenders License and a FINRA Investment Advisor License. ALC is 100% SEC- compliant.

In January 2013, the board of directors completed the company’s restructuring and established Regional Centers Holding Group (RCH) with ALC as RCH’s first regional center. As of December 2017, RCH has successfully funded over 60 SBA 504 projects with EB-5 funds, becoming the largest non-bank SBA 504 lending institution, and helping numerous immigrant investors to obtain permanent residency in the U.S.

The EB-5 investors who received their I-829 approvals have also had their EB-5 investment returned.

Unlike banks and conventional lenders, we welcome ground-up construction projects and other complex transactions. We have the ability and expertise to understand and address complex issues that may dissuade other lenders and to effectively mitigate risk and craft creative deal structures for unconventional transactions.

The advantages and features of our regional center are:

  • Direct U.S. federal government risk control and injection
  • Third-party completion commitment ensures 100% construction completion
  • Third-party capital supervision eliminates fund misuse through institutional methodology
  • Construction completion combined with completion commitment ensures job creation
  • Recovery and exit mechanism, first lien position, double fixed asset collateral
  • Investments qualify as standard financial products, can be liquidated quickly

ALC’s Vision and Mission

American Lending Center is committed to the principle of “Investor First”, always putting the investor’s interests above all. Each project is carefully underwritten to minimize investor risk while enhancing the chance of obtaining permanent residency in the U.S. We pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency, and accountability, using banks, government agencies, and third party construction management firms to ensure that each project is thoroughly vetted and monitored. Investors are provided continual updates of major immigration milestones as they occur. We believe that an informed investor is crucial for the success and longevity of our business.